Five Reasons to Explore Atlanta Bicycling

You may have heard about the City of Atlanta’s commitment to bicycle-friendly neighborhoods. But did you know you can also track the city’s cyclists? The NPR article has a great interactive map, which takes only a few seconds to load. To find out more about Atlanta cycling, read the article below. Or, visit the city’s website and check out its bike lanes and trails. Then, go out and start cycling!

Cycle Atlanta app

The Cycle Atlanta app is a project being developed at Georgia Tech, led by Dr. Kari Edison Watkins, a graduate student in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication. The team is working with the City of Atlanta to create the app, which is a component of the Cycle Atlanta: Phase 1.0 study, which aims to fulfill the requirements of PLAN 2040, the comprehensive transportation plan for the City of Atlanta.

Rides in Atlanta

A long bicycle ride from downtown Atlanta to the planned community of Serenbe in southwest Fulton County is one of the most popular rides in Atlanta. The ride varies from urban surroundings to dirt roads and includes a midpoint cafe for refueling. You can find reviews of other bike rides on Intown Bicycles Community. Atlanta’s climate is perfect for bike riding and the city is bursting at the seams with cycling infrastructure.


If you’re looking for a scenic route to ride your bike through Atlanta, the Beltline is an excellent choice. Its 19-mile loop features dedicated bike trails and on-street portions. This popular trail passes the historic Stone Mountain Village, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, and Downtown Decatur. The trail is best suited for advanced cyclists. During your visit, consider renting a bike and exploring Atlanta by bike.

Bike lanes

Atlanta has a growing number of bike lanes. A pop-up protected bike lane was tested near Piedmont Park a week ago. While the results are not yet public, officials have released a video proving the temporary route is safe for cyclists. However, there are some concerns. Many residents aren’t convinced that the bike lanes will help the city’s gentrification efforts. Here are some common misconceptions about Atlanta bike lanes.

Women’s rides

A woman in Atlanta has started a new ride-sharing service for women in the city. Anderson is a former Lyft driver who saw a need for safer ride options for women. Between 2017 and 2018, Uber reported 6,000 assaults on women, and many women were worried about safety while riding with a male driver. Her-Ride offers a new alternative for women looking to ride in a car with a female driver.

Party Bus Rentals For Your Prom

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GoGo Party Bus

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Pure Party Bus

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LOL Party Bus

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GoGo Party Bus in McDonough

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LOL Party Bus in McDonough

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Earn a Bicycle at Wecycle Atlanta


Youth On W.H.E.E.L.S. is an Earn A Bicycle program that teaches the WHEELS (Work-ethics, Health, Economics, Environment, Leadership, and Sustainability) model through four applicable cycling and urban gardening lessons that conclude with participants earning a bicycle and access to the harvest of gardens in SW Atlanta.

The program consists of 10 hours of cycling education and 10 hours of community service at one of Wecycle Atlanta’s partner service sites. This initiative seeks to improve community involvement through all ages, and provide cyclist with adequate knowledge in bicycle safety, advocacy, and maintenance needed to make them confident city cyclist and active community members.

The Program is broken down in the following sequence:

  1. 10 hours of Co-op Garden Hours
  2. 10 hours of Bicycle Maintenance
  3. 10 hours of Bicycle Education (Safe Cycling)
  4. 10 hours of Advocacy training

Garden Co-op Hours

In aiding the health of participants and the community, WeCycle Atlanta seeks to partner with all Westside Community Gardens as service sites. Their participation aids the community in cultivating fresh produce often scarce within the greater Westside of Atlanta. Through their service work they will be helping sustain a regenerative community asset created directly to improve the health of local constituents.

Bicycle Maintenance

On staff Wecycle Atlanta has an experiences mechanic that will teach the participants the inner workings of their bicycles. Participants will become knowledgeable about basic maintenance procedures such as changing tires, adjusting and replacing breaks and derailleur cables, and how to execute an ABC Quick Check.

Safe City Cycling Class

This compact yet comprehensive class covers everything you need to know to learn to “drive” your bike safely and confidently around metro Atlanta. It includes bike handling skill drills and an instructor-led ride with feedback to reinforce what you learn in class. This class has something for everyone! Whether you are new to urban cycling and want to gain confidence riding in the street, a trail rider who would like to bike around the neighborhood with your kids, a bike commuter looking for tips on crash avoidance, or a bike enthusiastic interested in leading your own rides, you’ll be surprised by what you learn.


In the bicycle advocacy program students get to choose from the better biking project that focuses on promoting cycling, cycling infrastructure, cycling benefits. Students will engage in one of the following advocacy outlets to promote and/or sustain a better biking environment for the communities they reside in. They include:

  • § Promoting bicycle rack installations in one or more of the cities localities (schools, grocers, churches, restaurants, etc)
  • § Writing a letter and delivering it to the city hall to detail why bike lanes are important, and highlighting the roads that most need them in an everyday city commute.
  • § Write a 500 word essay on how cycling can benefit people and communities in health, economics, and environmental conservation.
  • § Administer the following bicycling promotional campaign at your school to promote the cycling culture
  • o Do The Bike Thing (example forum or brochure idea)
  • o Fair Green Movement(example ad campaign)
  • § Participate in a mobile bike shop campaign to service a community.


After program completion participants become members of Wecycle Atlanta and get to use our shop assets for free to repair their bicycles or the bicycles of others. They will receive a membership card that is good for one year. To renew their membership, 40 hours of community services have to be completed within a year of their initiation into Wecycle Atlanta.

WeCycle Atlanta.

The Westside Activity and Youth Center Initiative

Westside Atlanta youth and community has decided to come together in order to create a space for them to prosper.

The WAY, or Westside Activity & Youth Center, will allow community members and organizations to co-work to engage youth through programming and presence in a private space that compliments a public park. We reached out to members of the community to involve them in the process and the response was pretty amazing.

We recently had our very first WAY meeting and it was a great turn out.
The Westside community definitely has something to say. The WAY initiative will be the example for what can happen when the community actually gets involved and create the changes they wish to see.

Check out this clip from our meeting:


We need 100 Roll Models to help sponsor the youth.
To keep the youth of our community on the right path, we need your help. We have created programs and activities that instills our core values and principles within the youth and throughout the community.

The Westside Atlanta Youth thrive through community service and involvement.

$100 will sponsor 1 youth for 1 year of Youth On W.H.E.E.L.S. (Work Ethic, Health, Environment, Economics, Leadership and Sustainability), a bike, bike lessons, guidance, and meals.
Become a ROLL MODEL Today by texting ‘ROLLMODEL’ to 50500